The MacSmiths is remaining OPEN during this difficult time. We are operating an Essential Service to help facilitate the changes our customers need to make so that they and their children can work from home and stay connected.

This decision is not an easy one and we are doing our very best to keep you and ourselves as safe as possible. A barrier is in place to retain 2m distance at all times and procedures to disinfect items coming in and going out are strictly adhered to. The team cycles here each day and are otherwise isolated. We are allowing 1 customer at a time to enter the premises and ask that if you see that we’re attending to someone when you arrive, kindly wait outside.

We will stay open for as long as we feel we are vital to the community but, regardless of whether we can remain open or not, we will be offering FREE TELEPHONE ADVICE ANYTIME...seriously, if I’m awake, I will pick up the phone and do whatever I can to help.

Our best wishes to you all.
The MacSmiths.